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2020. 11.12. - Operation of Government Offices of Pécs / application of NEK data sheet





 The administration of Student Card application for foreign university students

The students of the University of Pécs, who have active student status, are entitled to use Student Card. They need to send their Student Card application electronically. After the Student Card application has been sent, students can receive a certificate for preferential travelling (Temporary Student Card).

In the case of those students whose training period is less than 12 months, Student Card is not needed to be applied for. These students are entitled to receive a certificate for preferential travelling (Temporary Student Card).

The reasons of Student Card application might be: new application, application because of data change, application because of lost student card.

Document Office

First of all, the student needs to go to one of the local Document Offices where his/her personal data, a picture of him/her and his/her signiture will be registered in order to apply. The NEK datasheet received in the Document Office is the basis of the Student Card application.

We would like to ask all the students to check the registered data because these data need to be compounded with the data registered in the Neptun system. 

The most frequent mistakes:

- Name, mother’s family name (surname) and mother’s given name (first name) are not registered in the correct order

- the place of birth is registered incorrectly

- the data recording system used by the Document Office cannot register properly the accented consonants and the letter ß


NEK datasheet

When the NEK datasheet held by the student – before sending the Student Card application – he/she needs to compare his/her personal data registered on the NEK datasheet and in the Neptun system. If there is a difference between the data registered in the two systems, the student needs to contact the Registrar’s Office and ask to modify the incorrect data.

If the student’s personal data is registered incorrectly on the NEK datasheet, then he/she needs to go back to the Document Office and ask for a new NEK datasheet containing the correct data.



Sending Student Card Application


The student can send the Student Card applications entering the Neptun system under the menu of „Administration / Student Card request”. If he/she continue studies on more Faculties or more training modes (e.g.: full time training, part time training) and he/she is entitled to apply for Student Card, he/she needs to choose the appropriate training and clicking on Student Card request. Sending the application this data will be automatically assigned to the request. A student might have only one valid Student Card.

During the application the registration number of the NEK datasheet and the permanent or temporary address, which will be written on the Student Card, are needed to be registered.

Students can register their temporary address as an address only if it was registered in the national address list when fixing the data for the NEK datasheet. In any other cases the application will be refused by the Educational Authority.

It is important that in the case of foreign students the permanent (foreign) address is needed to be registered in the Neptun system at the moment of the application because students should be able to select this.

If the student selects his/her permanent (foreign) address during the application, then „foreign address” (in Hungarian: „külföldi cím”) will be written on his/her Student Card what he/she will be able to take over in the Document Office.

Foreign students can select temporary address only in those cases when it is registered officially, otherwise the application will be refused.



Certificate for preferential travelling


After sending the Student Card application, it will be forwarded to the Educational Authority. When the Educational Authority has received it, there is a possiblity to issue a certificate for preferential travelling (Temporary Student Card). The certificate is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. If the certificate has been expired, and the Student Card is not ready, the student can receive a new certificate.

The issue of the certificate is not automatic, the student needs to ask for it at the place of Student Card administration.


Incorrect application


The status of the application might be followed in the Neptun system or on the following website by writing the Education ID:

The status of the application might be followed only in Hungarian. Students might see the following statuses:



Igénylés állapota

The status of application


Igénylés létrehozva

Request is created

The student created the request.

Igénylés lezárt konténerben

Request is in a closed container

The request was processed by the Central Registrar’s Office.

Igénylés feladva

Request is given in

The Central Registrar’s Office forwarded the request to the Educational Authority.



The Educational Authority accepted the request, the certificate (Temporary Student Car) might be issued.

NEK gyártás visszautasítva

NEK production is refused

The request is incorrect. The personal data sent from the Neptun or the given address are incorrect. In this case the student can see his/her registered data in the Document Office.

Sikeresen feldolgozott módosítási kérelem

Modifying request is processed successfully

The student indicated that the incorrect data was corrected and the Central Registrar’s Office has resent the request.

NEK gyártásra átadva

Forwarded for NEK producation

The application is during production.

Sikeres diákigazolvány igénylés

Successful Student Card request

The Student Card was produces and posted to the given address. In the case of foreign student to the Document Office. The Student Card will be taken over in a few days.



If the student finds that the status of application is „NEK gyártás visszautasítva” (NEK production is refused), then he/she needs to compare the personal data registered in the Neptun system and on the NEK datasheet. If the student cannot find any differences, he/she should ask the help of the administrators of Central Registrar’s Office.

After correcting the mistake, the student needs to contact the Central Registrar’s Office that the application might be resend.


Place of Student Card administration

The Central Registrar’s Office handles the Student Card administration in the cases of students of Faculty of Law (ÁJK, except: postgraduate specialist training courses), Medical School (ÁOK), Faculty of Humanities (BTK), Faculty of Pharmacy (GYTK), Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development Training center of Pécs (KPVK-PKK Pécs), Faculty of Business and Economics (KTK).

The Faculty’s Registrar’s Offices handle the Student Card administration the usual way in the cases of students of Faculty of Health Sciences (ETK), Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development Training center of Szekszárd (KPVK-PKK Szekszárd), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (MIK), Faculty of Music and Visual Arts (MK) and Faculty of Sciences (TTK).


The production of the Student Card

After the production, the Student Card is posted to the previously registered permanent or temporary address. In the case of registering a foreign address (in Hungarian: „külföldi cím”), the Student Card will be posted to that Document Office, where the NEK datasheet was registered.


The validation of the Student Card

The validation of the Student Card primarily happens in person with the presentation of the Student Card. In the case of a new Student Card, its data will be registered in the Education System. Students having an active student status and having a Student Card containing the correct data regarding their studies (Faculty, training mode) might receive a validation sticker.

The validation sticker is valid until 31st March in the case of autumn semester, and is valid until 31st October in the case of spring semester.

A student is entitled to have a validation sticker once a semester. In the case of loss of the validation sticker the student needs to pay 3500 HUF administration fee.

The Student Card might be validated by authorization or by sending the Student Card by post.


Loss of Student Card

If the student loses his/her Student Card and there was also a validation sticker on it for the actual semester, then he/she needs to pay 3500 HUF because of the loss of validation sticker.


The withdrawal of Student Card

When the student status is terminated, the Student Card is needed to be withdrawn. With the withdrawal of Student Card the student is entitled to receive a certificate for preferential travelling which is valid until 31st March in the case of autumn semester and until 31st October in the case of spring semester.


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