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Student Card application stoppage

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Dear Student,


I would like to inform you that the Educational Authority will change the Student Card system during the summer of 2017. Because of this the Student Card application and the production will be suspended for a short time.


We can forward the new applications to the Educational Authority until 22 June 2017 (Thursday).


Those applications which are wrong will be deleted from the Educational Authority’s database if you don’t correct it until 30 June 2017. 

Before you register your new application I would like to ask you to compare your datas on your NEK paper and in the Neptun system. If you see that your data is different please start to correct it. If your personal data is registered correctly on your NEK datasheet, then, please, go to your Faculty’s Registrar’s Office, and ask them to correct your data in the Neptun system.

If your personal data is registered correctly in the Neptun system, then you need to go to the Document Office and get a new NEK datasheet with your correct data. When you got your new Nek datasheet please send it or bring it to our office.

 If you don’t correct your datas and your Student Card status won’t be „under production” the Educational Authority will invalidate your application.

I would like to call your attention that you can get a Temporary Student Card if you have a valid application in the system. If you have an invalid application you cannot get a Temporary Student Card.


If you have questions regarding the above mentioned procedure, please, ask our Customer Service for help on the following email address:




Customer Service

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